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You may have noticed that my post is actually 19 characters in 30 days, so yeah, I guess I failed the challenge.  With an influx of work and family interuptions, all the determination in the world couldn’t magically make the time I would have needed to keep up.  Despite the fact I’m eleven characters short, I really enjoyed taking part and am happy with what I achieved which is why I decided to post anyway.

One of my aims was to create a stylistically consistent range of characters, so I guess I shot myself in the foot by choosing a style that was quite time consuming!  I could have done some quick doodles or dug out some old sketches but I’d rather do it properly or not at all.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments and encouragement, sorry I didn’t get to reply to all of them (all my spare time went on drawing!).

I’d be interested to know which of my characters you think is the strongest, which is the weakest and why if you have the time.

All the best, and see you next year (unless you stop by my blog that is!)

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