G. Brett Williams #s 29 & 30 – The Starr of David and Star Boy

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Jason Michael Starr was an elite commando in the Israeli armed forces.  A decorated soldier and die-hard supporter of the State of Israel, he was the perfect choice for the Star Program.  When the government approached him about participating in Israel’s super-soldier program, he was very eager to volunteer.  The program was a success, turning Jason Michael Starr into the superhero commando, The Star of David.    Despite their attempts to keep his missions secret, the existence of the Star was difficult to hide.  Eventually his presence become known to the international public and it caused a major uproar.  It was discovered that the American government had shared it’s research and technology with the Israelis, allowing them the knowledge necessary to create the only truly successful super soldier in the world other than American Ace.  It was seen as a direct move by the Americans to have a superhero presence in the Middle East.  In an attempt to lessen the political impact of his discovery, the Israeli government enacted a huge campaign in the press to paint the Star of David as family-friendly and non-threatening.  He was seen hanging out with the public, bringing food to Palestinian refugees in the disputed Gaza strip, attending hospital openings and charity functions.  He went from being a wetwork specialist to a national publicity stunt.  Joseph Stein comes in because it was determined that the Star needed a young sidekick to make him seem even less threatening.

Joseph Stein was seventeen and already finished with high school.  He was, quite simply, a genius.  Everything seemed to come natural to him.  He was considered the smartest young person in all of Israel and for that reason he was handpicked to be the Star’s sidekick.  The government put him through advanced training in tactics, combat, science, leadership, etc.  Once he was ready, he and the Star were dispatched to deal with super-powered threats to the country.  They even joined an international team of superheroes, including the Sultan, a super-powered hero from Iran.  The Star stopped doing black ops work and focused instead on fighting costumed villains and monster threats.  When Israel was attacked by the superpowered half German, half Japanese white supremacist, the Kami-Nazi, The Star of David and his sidekick, Star Boy, were dispatched to deal with him.  The Kami-Nazi managed to get the better of the Star, killing him a suicide attack that took his own life as well.  Considering how much trouble the program had caused them, the Israelis decided to do away with the Star Program completely.  They essentially hung Joseph Stein out to dry.  That was fine with him.  At that point he’d already seen enough death and corruption in the deepest recesses of his government that he had no intention of trying to follow in his mentor’s stead.  Joseph moved to the United States and managed to get a job as a visiting professor at a prestigious East Coast college.  He was a very liberal, very vocal crusader against the increased involvement of superheroes in various world militaries.  He spent his nights moonlighting as the vigilante Jewjitsu.  When his secret identity was revealed, the university asked him kindly to pack his things and go.  Shamed in the educational community and lost on the usefulness of an overpriced education, he decided to take a job teaching superhero ethics and political science at the newly opened institute.  He’s a tough professor, a very vocal politico and he takes his job very seriously.

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