Robert McKeone – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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Bob the Bowling PinBraaainsChiangBlarglflarpTigraaxKilljoy

TiffanyWatchersIvan SchlingsteinTrixy, the Clown ProstitutePlushoThaddeus I. Turtle, Sr.

NightmareSalvador the SnailP-Fin, the Rapping PenguinLoch THIS!JerryChloallb

The Censor01Steve the Coal ElfNot-Sure-Of-Himself-ManFluffyFlaming Turkey

No. 2 and Pearl, the Pink WonderiKillDeforesterArmahGloomy, the Skully ChildThe Tired Artist... (Semi-Autobiographical)

Thanks for the challenge!  Was stoked that I was able to complete it.  Looking forward to next years!



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