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Joseph Trahan – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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My personal pat on the back is that I managed to post exactly one every day of November. The hardest, of course, was Thanksgiving. Had to plan ahead for that one.

Here’s the stats for my characters, because I’m a math geek, and I like to know: 14 ladies, 14 guys, 1 dog, 1 pair of shoes. 2 horror, 4 sci-fi, 1 fantasy and 23 superheroes (at least 6 of which are more “modern fantasy”). Only 12 characters based on animals or mythical creatures (which is usually my crutch). Had a great time, I’ll definitely be back next year, if my girl friend allows it.


Here’s who I have to thank for help on ideas: Kim. Julie & Pete. Ryan from Ifanboy. Fellow teachers Jenn and Megan. My students Diamond, Luis and Joey. Thank you.



Jared Lewis – 30 Characters in 30 Days 2011

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#1 Glorious Sentai Gokaider Red#2 Aurora#3 Sixth Carbon Lama#4 Longtalon#5 Phione
#6 Deadeye Huitzilo the Vaquero The Duke of Brixton#9 The Sky Bandit Beatrix Sprawling#10 “Upstairs Bigfoot”
#11 The Uzbek#12 Xaiyoi#13 & #14 Las Hermanas de La Sombras Vigilantes (Isa)#13 & #14 Las Hermanas de La Sombras Vigilantes (Magda)#15 Skaggs
#16 Goroh#17 Munson#18 Quozark the Unflinching#19 TheBinMan.EXE#20 The Outsorceror
#21 Fe-Male#21 Fe-Male#23 Mynah#24 Caldera#25 Biata Boombata
#26 Oosailoo#27 Wee Andrew of Glenclover#28 The Dingo Demon Formerly Known as Sig#29 The Tungsten Rhino Support Crew#30 Tremendous Rowdy

Made it. Just barely. Overall, I’m happy. I had a busier schedule, but there were hours here & there where I could’ve focused & gotten better results. Ultimately, just happy to hit 30 for a second year. I will probably be posting more about the whole experience sometime soon on my sketchblog. Until then, I’ve got some projects to get back to. Thanks for the feedback & support, & great job to everyone who participated this year. Hope to see you next.


Alex Holt – 30 Characters, 2011

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I am quite surprised to find that I finished this year, a day ahead of schedule despite starting 6 days late due to a holiday.  This has ended up a 30 character 23 if you will!

The characters below all are designed to exist in the same Universe – very much an “anything goes” Universe along the lines of the Marvel or DC Universes.  It does however, have a bit more of a magical leaning than those, so something like Hellboy is probably a better comparrison.  These characters are all “good guys” and, white not a superhero team (although Kesari, Amanda, Shiqi, Rosaline, Samuel, Daisy/Percy, Charcoal, Hrolf and Zhang are all in the superheroics game andmay team up from time to time) their grouping is more that they correspond with each other to help with their own adventures.  Given that these 30 includes a detective, a bontanist, a diplomat, a lawyer, a police officer a chef and a doctor the level of action varies a fair bit!

Anyway, any comments here or on the indivdual character posts would be immensely appreciated, hope you like them!

 – Alex Holt



I did it!

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Here they are, all 30 of my creations this year!

































I still can’t believe i did it! Thanks and see you next year Tyler! 😀