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My personal pat on the back is that I managed to post exactly one every day of November. The hardest, of course, was Thanksgiving. Had to plan ahead for that one.

Here’s the stats for my characters, because I’m a math geek, and I like to know: 14 ladies, 14 guys, 1 dog, 1 pair of shoes. 2 horror, 4 sci-fi, 1 fantasy and 23 superheroes (at least 6 of which are more “modern fantasy”). Only 12 characters based on animals or mythical creatures (which is usually my crutch). Had a great time, I’ll definitely be back next year, if my girl friend allows it.


Here’s who I have to thank for help on ideas: Kim. Julie & Pete. Ryan from Ifanboy. Fellow teachers Jenn and Megan. My students Diamond, Luis and Joey. Thank you.



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  1. Joseph, your characters are both inventive and diverse. I love the fact you include characters across the spectrum and often the species. My favorite is your Sinister Goatee on Day 28. I can see some hysterical short stories revolving around their relationship. Great work and I hope to see these characters turn into something awesome for you.

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