2012 Challenger: aciakatura

| October 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hello there!

I heard about this challenge last year, from people who were doing it on a website which I can’t remember. Unfortunately, that was only after it had started so I couldn’t exactly sign up or anything…

This is my first time attempting this. I suppose it would be harder for me since I have exams for the whole of November which I should be studying for, but I’ll survive. (yes I’m crazy to even think of doing this)


I don’t actually do art at school and most of my style of drawing was sort of picked up as I went (does that make sense?) I draw mostly traditional. Hopefully, I won’t fail horribly. 🙂

Um, I’ll be seeing everyone’s artwork come November!

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Hi! This is my first time trying out the 30 characters challenge :) My style at the moment looks more anime than manga. It takes place during my exams but...I'll survive. I know, my pictures have a distinct lack of quality, due to not having a tablet or drawing program and lack of time to do a good job on paper. (My username is a play on 'acciacatura', which I've also decided to use for a number of other accounts, as can be seen.)

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