2012 Challenger: Jive Chameleon

| October 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

Allo one and all! I am Jive Chameleon aka Camille McIntyre  and this is my second time doing the 30 day challenge. The first time I did not get to sign up and hang with the community ( I did it through posts on facebook and tumblr), so I really looking forward to it this year. I took animation as my minor in college and I am a big comic book fan, so I love making new characters and giving them a back story.

I was pretty random about what I drew during my first challenge, but I have a theme I think I want to follow this time around and (as usual) they may follow a single story that may turn into a comic if all goes well.

I wish everyone  luck and let’s have an awesome challenge.

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