2012 Challenger: Power Chick

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I am a VERY amateur artist and I am going under the aliases “Power Chick” and “A. Stray.” I graduated from college a year ago with a B.A. in Japanese and right now I’m pursuing interests in art as I’d like to be a storyboard artist, a graphic novelist, and perhaps even a hip-hop album cover illustrator.

An artistic FB friend posted the link for this challenge and I definitely gotta challenge myself in order to explore my creativity and to continue onto the road of progress with my skills! I have a graphic novel idea that I’ve been toying with for years and I want to push myself to draw more male characters with this challenge–I’ve been in a very female happy world with my current creations! In November, you can expect a lot of male characters from my comic: they will mostly take the form of yakuza and the marginalized of Japanese society, as well as the occasional mystic creature here and there. There will be some female characters being sprinkled throughout, but for right now, I’m aiming to create at least 75% male characters.

Anyway… Here’s some of my work, old and most recent:

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