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2012 Challenger: Alberto (ZERO) Rodriguez

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Me and the amazing Ben Caldwell

hello, My name is Alberto (ZERO) Rodriguez. I’m 23 and at the end of this
challenge Ill be 24. I’m hopping that this year’s character challenge pushes
my limits and helps my mind create, improve, and imagine more than last

Last time around I mixed hand drawn sketches and digital art. I’m hopping
to deliver better characters with improved execution and story to captivate
audiences as well as entertain.

I mainly use Adobe Photoshop but I will be mixing it up with Sketchbook Pro
and possibly some sketches.

Glad to be here another year and I hope it to be a great one.

Good Hunting and much drawing!

2012 Challenge: Joe T

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This is my second year in the challenge. I recently made move from east to west, Washington (DC) to Washington (northwest). I look forward to keeping up with the challenge, forcing myself to create and share new ideas, and see what everyone else come up out there.

2012 Challenger: Amy “Of Many Faces” Heisei

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I missed last year but finished the challenge two years ago when 30 Characters in 30 Days played a significant part in changing my life. We’ll see what it does to me this year. Last time it got me connected with the person I’ve been with for almost 2 years now, helped paved my way towards being one of the creators of a new comic book, and gave me confidence in my self-motivation and determination. Recently I’ve become a more serious musician, having newly acquired a drummer, violinist, and flautist to my band that started out with just my sister and I. Thus I will likely have some musical influence sneaking into my characters this year.


Here’s when the band was just my sister and me. I’m dressed as one of my comic book characters, Dr. Rainbow.

Light of the Loon at The Iron Saddle









And here’s the current full band.

Light of the Loon at the Akron Lantern Festival