2012 Challenger: Sand Izri

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Sand Izri, a student animator on the East Coast of the States. Spunky with a crazy sense of humor. I wanted to do the Character Challenge ever since I learned about it earlier in the year. My weakness in 2D animation is Character Design so I hope that this will help me out Stylistically and Conceptually.

For the future, most likely there’s going to be lots of Stylistic Retro looking creations. Maybe a few creature drawings, some kids, something classy, something funky, maybe a theme for every 3 days or maybe a theme per week.

Looking forward for the 15th of November, it’s my birthday and I think it’d be cute to have a birthday themed character!

Looking forward to this challenge!


A lil of what I like to do, here’s a character sheet of Namie, a character used in my student film.


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