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2012 Challenger: Ross Demma

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I’m Ross Demma, I’m an artist in Tucson, AZ and I’ve been drawing pretty much all of my life. I heard about the 30 Character Challenge last year, but was too late to sign up. A couple years ago, I tried a self-driven “Draw something once a week for a year”. Although, I did complete my task (I did end up with 52 drawings), I noticed it lacked structure. I look forward to creating and sharing with all of you!

2012 Challenger: Chrystle Rose

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Say cheese ChesterWhat to say about me.  I’m thrilled I am able to participate in this years challenge!!!  I stumbled upon banners for it in early January, I believe, and I just adored the idea. I decided I needed to register and commit to it, right then and there.

I love drawing, and I’m constantly doodling on everything.  My favorite things to draw are costume designs, because I sew what I draw!

I’m hoping to use this challenge to work on my drawing skills and diversifying my body and face shapes.  Also, I need to work on drawing more males than females. Rather bad habit lol.

2012 Challenge: M_Dissolvo

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Hi everyone,

I tried this challenge last year and did NOT complete it, however I am determined to make it work this year.  This is an important goal to me so I’m excited to get going, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else is going to be creating.  I don’t really have much to add for now, but in a few days it’ll be time to start uploading and I’ll let my work speak for itself.

2012 Challenger: captkevman

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I’m Kevin Copeland, known online mostly as captkevman, but also occasionally as The Wayward Cartoonist. I did the challenge in 2010 and 2011, although I only completed 5 entries and 1 entry (respectively). I promised myself I’d try again this year and try to complete all 30.

My online handle (captkevman) is a combination of my name and my favorite childhood cartoon character. I picked it as an AOL handle back in the 90s, and it just sorta stuck. My other alias (The Wayward Cartoonist) is a bit more appropriate: I used to cartoon a bit back in high school and early college, but I haven’t done anything to speak of for the past couple of decades. I’ve spent the last few years trying to reconnect with my creative side. During my journey, I have started (and serve as organizer for) a local cartoonists/comickers group, I’ve been to a few conventions (SPX 2009 & Intervention 2011, plus some other local cons) that have been very inspiring, and I’ve had a few false starts on a webcomic project (which, despite several personal setbacks, I’m not ready to give up on yet). This year, I also organized the first annual DRAWtoberfest (, which was designed to be a celebration of drawing for people of all ages and abilities.

As for my “real job”, I’m an independent technician and consultant focusing on products with a certain fruit logo on them. While I haven’t been creating as much as I’d like, I do take comfort in the fact that several members of our local group have gone on to do some pretty cool things: a self-published comic book, a self-published drawing book, and admission to RISD are a few of the achievements by our members. While I’m not personally producing much at the moment, it’s nice to be a part of a community that encourages and inspires creators.

This year, I did start drawing more frequently, even if it was just because of the game Draw Something on the iPad/iPhone. (Hey, I’m still marking that in the “win” column.) 😉

As for what to expect from me: keep your expectations low, and you won’t be disappointed. Last year, I actually did about 8 characters, but I only got a chance to post one of them. I’m hoping to do better this year. Look for a variety of character types, styles, and genres. I’m not filtering anything this year (except for decency).

I look forward to seeing everyone’s amazing characters this year!


2012 Challenger: Jared Lewis

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Me. Sorry.I should probably get my info up before the East Coast loses power, what with this giant, unprecedented storm & all.


I’m Jared.

I’m 29, I live on the East Coast, & this is my third year doing this challenge. I went all 30 for both 2010 & 2011. And yeah, I’m looking to do that again this time. It might be more of a challenge this time around as my dayjob situation has changed, giving me longer hours & a longer commute to create motion graphics for a local cable station. But I’m still looking to give it a shot. Below are a couple of my favorites thus far & a link to my infrequently updated sketchblog. I also have a tumblr without all the BS too if that works better for you. Good luck to all the other participants!

El Presidente MagnificoBellerophon the Atomic Space ApeProfessor Horatio Pettigrew RexquireSixth Carbon LamaLas Hermanas de La Sombras Vigilantes

2012 Brand New and Shiny

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Hiya everyone, I’m Helen and this is my first time trying this challenge. I am also doing NaNoWriMo and have been creating artwork this year as Project 365 so having this challenge should help with keeping my blog art up to date whilst doing NaNo. Hope everyone has loads of fun : )

2012 Challenger: Michael Beckett

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Hey there, everybody! Michael Beckett, returning challenger here. My project last year was History Classes, a series of historical figures designed to fit RPG character classes; George Washington as an Onion Knight, Carrie Nation as a Berserker, that sort of thing. It spawned a whole other blog, Thematic Conversion, which combines different ideas every month to create something new. This year, however, I’m doing something a little different. I’m calling this year’s project Blobby Little Monsters, and it’s my first real experiment in world building. So first let’s talk about the setting, and then I’ll get on to the nuts and bolts of character creation. ^^ Continue Reading

2012 Challenger: Aubrie Johnson

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Hey! I’m a graphic designer, comic nerd and MMO gamer in the San Francisco area. (My League of Legends summoner name is Daughter Phoenix, look me up!)

I’m still getting used to the craziness of working salary, but when I get some free time, I try to get my comic stories and characters out on paper/pixels. I love sci-fi like Skydoll and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and game concepts like Mass Effect, Bioshock, and, of course, LoL, so expect some aspects of those in my submissions.

Good luck, everyone!