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2012 Returning Challenger: Lorenzo Bonilla

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Hey everyone,

My name is Lorenzo, and I am an aspiring sequential artist who specializes in Character Design. I participated in the 30 Character Challenge last year and was short by ten characters, that I completed at a later time, but this time I plan to fulfill my end of delivering a full 30 characters for this year. My designs and creations can be found on my deviant art profile /emeraldfury, or at my website at

I’ll keep it simple, I will deliver a variety of interesting characters and if there is an interest, I may explore the ideas further. For now, lets see what looks like fun for you, our audience. So, in closing, thanks for reading and wish me luck.

Hello cyber world from relic12

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hey hey everybody,I  just want to say I’m very very excited to back. I did the 24 hour comic book challenge this year, it makes 3 years for me (yeah). this is me, please don’t laugh at my pic (lol). This is my 2nd year of the 30 day challenge, I’m  going to create 15 inspired  characters from cartoon and I’m going to create 15 ordinal characters. I hope I  can finish this challenge like last year. I wish the best of luck to everybody in this wonderful event,  peace…

2012 New Participant – Rodney Fyke

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Hi all!!  I am independent artist and writer hailing from the Queen city, Cincinnati, Ohio from the grand ole’ US of A.   I am the creator, writer, artist, inker and colorist, YEP I DO IT ALL, for my all age comic book adventure Peanut Puddin’ N’ Jelly, which I just completed the 4th Issue of last summer.  I also created and wrote Unchained, another self-published comic book being distributed through Hazzum Productions which is the publishing company I co-founded in 2010.  In my spare time I travel to comic book conventions all over the Midwest and create sketch cards for all to enjoy.

For the next 30 days I will be submitting character designs for my ongoing webcomic Hard and Soft Taco, which is about two Mexican wrestlers making their way through the amateur circuit in hopes of some day making it to the pros.  All the characters I will be creating will eventually appear in future strips, so stop by to check out all the wackiness that ensues weekly and stick around to see who shows up next.   I can also be found on Facebook under Rodney.Fyke and on Twitter @rodneyfyke or if you prefer on deviant at

2012 New Participant: Shaun Richens.

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Shaun was born, a baby, like most. He grew up in a small village in the U.K and went on to read The Hobbit, play tabletop fantasy games and see the greatest movie of all time, Die Hard. Through these wondrous events he grew into the man he needed to be. The one who spends his Saturday nights at home drinking Pepsi, (other fizzy pop brands are available) whilst writing comics he one-day hopes someone will actually draw into a nice pretty comic book. Until then he will just keep on writing.
Shaun can be found on the Internet at his blog.
Or if you’d rather have his words 140 characters at a time over on Twitter under the very imaginative and clever handle of@ShaunRichens

2012 New Challenger: Kristen Keck

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Hi everyone!  I kept hearing about this and thinking it sounded pretty fun, so I finally resolved to try it this year.  I’m glad to see I’m not the only crazy person trying to do this as well as NaNoWriMo.  Should be a good time.

I usually draw animal characters, so I’ll likely make mostly human characters for a little variety.

2012 Returning Challenger: Natalia M (Ozzie Scribbler)

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First off, I participated last year and never finished the challenge. Having a major art block and struggling to keep my pace I eventually didn’t publish past my first two characters, although having a few more, even if mostly rushed designs.

My name is Natalia MaÅ‚achowska, I’m 22 and a recent art school graduate from Szczecin, Poland. On the Internet I’m consistent with nick Ozzie Scribbler, so if you stumbled upon such username, it was most certainly me.
I’m a huge cartoon and comic geek, though pretty lazy when it comes to my own art. That’s why I’m hoping to use this month as an opportunity for some self-growth.

For all interested, I post some of my art on deviantArt and share my thoughts on various matters on Tumblr. Feel free to check them out.

Good luck for all the challengers this year!

Sincerely yours, Ozzie

2012 returning challenger: Kim Biersted

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Sooo. its time again for this. let get going. returning for the second round this year.

im 25 from denmark and ready to try again. lets see if I can do it again.

see my stuff at

2012 Challenger: Frank Raabirck

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Hello all you creative people. A friend of mine Ruben Kaae, have asked me to join this challenge, I´ve just got my cintiq, so it’ll problably be somekind of a stickman each time I upload my 24 hours work. Well at least I can say…”I did my best”

Anyway I´m from Denmark, educated in animation, but using most of my time on illustrations.

Looking forward to struggle late at night with this challenge, with a LOT of coffee 😉

Find me on my blogger.


2012 Returning Challenger: Natalie Metzger

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Greetings again!

This is my second year participating in the challenge.

No worries, I’ve warmed up my daily character creating muscles this past month by drawing lots and lots of monsters. Oh, and I have the crazy idea of attempting NaNoWriMo too.

Oh boy…



2012 Returning Challenger: Ruben Kaae

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This is my three year attempting the challenge, my name is Ruben Kaae, I’m a artist from Denmark in Scandinavia.
I have an animation background, but now I’m moving more into illustration, I’ve bin painting digitally for about a 1 year now, and I love it. I’m also teaching 2d drawing online.
I’m really looking forward to participating and creating some new characters + meeting like-minded artists in a new community.
You can find me here.

Good luck to everyone:)

Cya Ruben:)

 photo Streamer_zps7a50f7f0.jpg

2012 Challenger: Rin Katt

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Hello Character Challenge! This is my first year doing this challenge and I am super psyched to be involved with it.  My name is Rin, I’m a roleplaying addict and a big fan of anthropomorphic animals and monsters. Expect a lot of those. Attempting to get a bunch of friends involved, I wish everyone luck and can’t wait to get started.

2012 Challenger: Ester Salguero

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Hello, my name is Ester Salguero. This is my first time in the 30 characters challenge. This is amazing! The 30 Characters Challenge is a great opportunity for improve drawing and meet other artists.  I can not wait to start!

I’m an illustrator that love watercolor and fantasy art.

This is mi Halloween’s illustration:

Check out samples of my work here:

You can also find me on Deviantart: and facebook:

2012 New Challenger: Patrick Rennie

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Happy Halloween, everyone. I am Patrick Rennie.

I found out about the 30 Day Character Challenge last year but was busy with a project that kept me from participating. This year found me in between projects, so I decided to join in.

I am primarily a writer, so I will be presenting my characters as articles written for a superhero encyclopedia. The setting is my pet superhero world, Shattered Earth. Its world document can be read here if you are interested.

The format of my submissions does not lend itself to presenting a proper narrative arc, so I created a Macguffin, the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies, and a cross-over event, the Cosmic Stag Conflagration, to help tie the month together. If you want to check out my most recent work before the kickoff tomorrow, here’s a link to my 24hcd comic.

2012 Returning Challenger: D.C. Stuelpner

| October 31, 2012 | 1 Comment

This will be my second year attempting the challenge.  If it’s anything like the last, there will be puns.  Oh how there will be puns.

2012 Challenger: Gerta Oparaku

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My name is Gerta, I like to draw, paint and do something creative every day even if it is really small or unimportant. This is my first time of being part of this challenge and can’t wait to get started and see how this month is going to develop.

quick sketch

2012 challenger

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my name is Lea and I’m awful at introductions.

I will be using this challenge “to get back into shape” drawing wise, since I do mainly puppet animation and am drawing less and less each day. And I need to develop characters for a comic I’m already working on, so some of the characters will probably be used later for that.

Hmm think that’s about it…

cya tomorrow 😀