#1 Cactus-Man

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Cactus-Man was once a mild mannered soldier during the nuclear bomb testings of WWII, but one fateful day while testing the bomb they would drop over the Pacific, disaster happened! He stood far to close and far too long during the drop and when the bomb exploded, he was standing next to a tall cactus and the nuclear radiation melded his cells with the cactus, making him Cactus-Man!

With the power to shoot tiny annoying prickly needles into his enemies, his indestructible flower pot he uses as a shield and his thick skin that helps him withstand intolerable heats, he fights to save the world day in and day out!

No one is quite sure why he wears a mask considering everyone is pretty certain that he is the only talking cactus around, but Cactus-Man goes nowhere without it tied to his face.

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Current art student at Arts Institute of Pittsburgh I am very much the amateur artist who is constantly learning and growing. I took this challenge to prove to my self that I have the creativity to come up with different unique ideas every day for a month. I have always loved doing art, from small doodles to the full one drawings i do now. Not sure what else to say can't wait to get started and have some epic entries to provide. Full honest feedback is welcome, critiques, and pointers are also welcome. Thank you.

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