#1 Detective Chris Finch

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Photo by Nathaniel Chadwick

In a world where Superheroes are the norm Detective Chris Finch heads up the S.P.C.D. (Super powered crime department.)

Married to his job Finch lives alone in his small apartment in the wrong part of Goldenbridge City. His dad had been a cop before the Hero event, and a damn good one. Thats what made Chris want to make detective so much, to impress him. However his dad didn’t live to see the day. Sister Sorrow murdered him during a bank heist. It was this tragic moment that prompted Chris’s determination to make it into the S.P.C.D and it is also the reason for his mistrust and distain for anyone with super powers, even his partner Holly Grant.

Finch is head strong and single minded in his pursuit to stop all misuse of super powers.

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