#1 Notetaker

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Name: Notetaker

Place of origin: East Asia (undetermined – see story role)

Occupation: Sorcerer. Consultant and archivist of magic

Legal status: Citizen of good standing

Identity: Publicly Known

Group affiliation: School of the Five Elements, School of the Hidden Snake, School of the Seven Rivers

Base of operations: The Library of Fallen Stars

History: Notetaker is an academic magician in a world of superheroes. Instead of defeating demons or defending the integrity of the fabric of the universe, he spends most of his time on research and archiving information. He is an adept of the Schools of the Seven Rivers, the Hidden Snake, and the Five Elements. As an archivist, he is known to favor the less malicious forms of magic. While he does know and deal with combat magic, he dislikes techniques that are generally considered evil. The volumes he owns related to such matters are kept in a heavily fortified room in his library to keep them out of the hands of the unwary and the unwise. He is well known for writing a series of popular books about magic and its practitioners for the general public and can often been found as a commentator on television about magical matters.

A minor book of prophecy, the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies, was stolen from his library by the supervillain Cashgrab. It took him a while to notice it was missing.

Story Role: Notetaker is a support character. While it would be possible to build stories around his pursuit or defense of knowledge, he is more likely to be used in superhero story as a resource for the main characters or even the villain rather than drive the action himself. As such, some details, such as his specific nationality and family history are best left vague in case they need to be tailored to fit a story.

Height: Medium

Body type: Chubby

Known superpowers: Practitioner of three forms of magic. Has a working knowledge of most other schools of magic, even the many he cannot actually practice because they are incompatible with him. He is excellent at ritual magic. Given the time and resources, he can break through almost any magical defense.

Limitations: He is not a combat specialist and is likely to come out on the losing end of a wizard duel.


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