2012 Challenger: dee Juusan

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Hello everyone~
I am Diana Al-Abbadi from Jordan, mostly known as dee Juusan, the pen-name I write as. I am a full time self-published manga/comic artist and I work as a freelance character designer and illustrator on the side.

I have an ongoing slice-of-life series; Grey is… with +400 pages of story which is published in two books so far and I’ve just started writing in the 3rd one. I am also working on another series; Name in Stone on a weekly basis rather than daily as “Grey is…”. I have other one-shots that are released and in the making. You can find out more about my work and updates through my blog.

I am excited about this 30 character challenge. I first knew about it last year when it was already starting so I made it my goal to participate this year. I don’t have much of a plan for the characters I’m going to create, I only decided that I want to try and draw all characters outside my comfort zone or characters that I don’t normally write about with different looks and styles, even mediums I use. So, there might not stories and bios provided with all the characters since my main goal here to draw ones that I wouldn’t draw in normal circumstances, a super hero with gigantic muscles and inhuman proportions, for example.

I hope this will be fun for all~

Thanks for reading.

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