Day 1: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE FIRST AMONG KNAVES

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The First Among Knaves

Character Background:  Most of man’s legend, folklore and superstition can be traced back to a world that few in our plane of existence have ever seen.  Doorways, and portals have sporadically opened and allowed a precious few bards, adventurers and storytellers to pass through and glimpse at its gods, kings, and monsters.  This world is known as THE LOST LANDS.  The Lost Land consists of the Super Continent of Aal which is broken into six main lands.  One of these lands we have come to know as a place where a girl named Alice stepped into through a rabbit hole and had grand and strange adventures in.

The truth of this place is much more dark and sinister….

The Kingdom of Wunderland has been ruled for centuries by the House of Hearts.  Its current monarch is Jon the Third and his wife Rosalyn   But Jon is little more than a puppet head, and Rosalyn rules the kingdom with an oppressive Iron Fist.  While plague, famine and oppression of both human and non-human citizen’s runs rampant, the queen and a small inner circle live in the imperial palace in a state of opulence and unbridled debauchery.

Finally the cries of the people cannot be ignored.  From out of the Forgotten Woods, comes a man of mystery.  Those who fight alongside him call him Jim O’ The Wood…  He is known more commonly as THE FIRST AMONG KNAVES.  He fights for the disenfranchised, downtrodden, and impoverished masses of Wunderland.  He leads a small band of guerrilla fighters against the armies of The Queen of Hearts in a bloody revolution for the soul and future of the peoples of Wunderland!

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Dan Nokes is the sequential guru of the Southern Maryland DIY Revolution! When not wandering the uncharted wilderness of Lusby, MD in a supernaturally induced blood fever, he is the head of a little one man band called 21st Century Sandshark Studios. This bastion of indie comic goodness has to date put out a 67 page graphic novel (The Reptile and Mister Amazing 2002) a 12 issue maxi series (The Paranormals 2003-2008) a three issue western (The Pistoleers 2008-2010) and is currently working on the second and final volume of his dystopian classic (Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse 2011-2012) He is also working on illustration duties for Nick Davis' upcoming children's book (Unconditional: A Teddy Bear's Tale 2011). His future projects include his forray into webcomics with his Sci-fi comedy (Impossible Space Tales from The Last Pitt Stop) and a return to Super Hero Lore (The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson)!

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