Presentation and Day 1 Character – Cortex “Lucky” Mite

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Hi there! My name is Alu√≠sio! I’m a returning participant from the 2010 edition, for which I wasn’t able to complete haha! So let’s try my luck again! I’m best know for my work as the artist for Image Comics’ Grim Leaper series. I hope you enjoy some of my own creations!

To start with:

Lucky is a special acari species. Very inteligent, it feeds of brains, and no, it’s not a zombie, but does have a symbiotic parasite ¬†lifestyle. The more it feeds, the more smart it grows, and the bigger it gets. The species is literally immortal as long it can find a new host to be a parasite of.
The most famous Cortex Mite in the universe is known as Lucky – the right hand of a gallactic mob leader. Guess what? Some of these mites get so big it’s essentially a fully grown brain – Lucky has taken over an entire human body’s brain, and commands it as a hollow shell. Lucky has been living this way for 5 hundred years already. His plans include taking over his own boss, possibly changing bodies whenever he catches him asleep!

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