#1 – Hashan

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This is Hashan.  She is a young half-dragon thief who lives in a desert town.  She often steals from the local bazaar in order to feed herself and the Cocoals that follow her.  She is quiet and tends to herself.  She also is ashamed of her dragon heritage, as she feels because that her father was a dragon that temporarily became a human, the people came to starve her family to near death.  She hides her sawed off horns and dragon ears.  She also attempted to wear gloves and thick shoes, but Hashan’s feet grew too fast for any normal shoe to fit and her claws are starting to tear her gloves off.  At the moment, she is homeless and living in the alleyways.

As for the Cocoals, they are an endangered species of duck that used to build nests near dragons, which helped deter predators as nothing is worth being burnt to a crisp by a huge lizard.  Due to human prejudice, though, dragons were hunted to near extinction.  With so few dragons in the world, Cocoals were helpless against the many predators, and now they’re endangered.  A few young Cocoals happened upon Hashan and were naturally wired to follow her around.   Desperate for survival, they stay near Hashan and will do anything she says (aside from leaving her).

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  1. DougCurtis says:

    Cute. Though it’s a bit rough, I like some angles and structure you have there.

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