#1 Patrol Agent Mol McGinty

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#1 Patrol Agent Mol McGinty

Infinity is a hard concept to wrap your head around. But that is how many realities The Agency polices. To do that, it takes a special kind of person. Like Agent McGinty.

While she might not have any of the flashy superpowers some of her colleagues rely on, she’s crafty. For instance, your standard agent might hop between different dimensions & notice a difference in the way time flows. Only an agent like Mol would exploit that time variance as a means to optimize her training. While she may only appear to be in her mid twenties, she’s spent the equivalent of several lifetimes honing her skills. If, by chance, she somehow finds herself lacking experience in something new, just let her step through a portal. While it may seem like an instant to you, she’ll have come back with forty years of expertise without having aged a second. She’s one of the best agents because she’s willing to put in the time.

That said, some of her fellow agents are beginning to suspect all that time is starting to cause some adverse effects on her mental & emotional well-being. While she’s always been a bit cold & withdrawn, that’s only seemed to intensify lately. And the long quiet, staring spells they find her in sometimes aren’t too reassuring either.


This character is for a story I’m developing at the moment. It’s in the very beginning stages. The main protagonist is actually a different version of Mol (a Molly actually) from another dimension. I dunno. I like the idea of essentially having same person be two completely different characters, & them acting as foils to one another. This Mol is cold & methodical in a Bruce Wayne sort of sense, while the other… isn’t.

The hologram interface on her computer didn’t pan out quite the way I wanted, but I hope it still gets the point across. She’s not the character I was hoping to start off with either, but the first one had a lot of detail & was setting me back That’s why I’m a little behind starting off, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. More soon hopefully, & perhaps more from this story as it develops.

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  1. treyjackson says:

    Very cool. Glad to see you doing the challenge again!

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