#2 Derelict Scavenger

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

When Earth’s orbit happened to coincide with the wreckage of a massive interstellar battlefield, derelict ships ranging in size from yards to miles rained down across the planet, causing cataclysmic destruction.  As humanity struggles to rebuild, salvage crews explore the wrecks, driven by curiosity, greed, or a thirst for knowledge.  Thao is one such scavenger, eagerly diving in and facing all manner of threats to retrieve and study the alien technology he finds.

Probably should’ve spent longer on the background here…well, we’re focusing on the characters, right?  In the future I’ll try to make the scenery less terrible!

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Student, wage slave, and aspiring comic book artist. My main influences are offbeat fantasy and the less-explored parts of history.

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