#2 Fawn Berry

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Brave, swift, kind and whole heartily endearing. Fawn is one of the youngest Elves ever to make it into Tracker training. Her passion to learn and do her very best made sure she made the grade at age thirteen, three years younger than most recruits. Now under the watchful eye of her Sage, Track master Arc she learns the ways of the forest and all the things that dwell within.

Taking on the green cloak of the tracker recruit Fawn spends her days learning to hunt with both bow and spear. She is trained to read tracks and recognize the markings of all manner of different beast and creatures.

If her training continues to go so well she will soon get to leave on her pilgrimage to the forest heart, which if she returns from will be the final sign she is ready to join the Tracker Masters, and become a guardian of the forest.

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Shaun was born, a baby, like most. He grew up in a small village in the U.K and went on to read The Hobbit, play tabletop fantasy games and see the greatest movie of all time, Die Hard. Through these wondrous events he grew into the man he needed to be. The one who spends his Saturday nights at home drinking Pepsi, (other fizzy pop brands are available) whilst writing comics he one-day hopes someone will actually draw into a nice pretty comic book. Until then he will just keep on writing. Shaun can be found on the Internet at his blog. Or if you’d rather have his words 140 characters at a time over on Twitter under the very imaginative and clever handle of @ShaunRichens

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