#2 Lonesome-Jones

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This is Lonesome-Jones , he doesn’t say much and not much is known about this eerie traveler, his clothing suggests that he must be from a distant past almost “western” including the mask made from a burlap sack he wears on his face. Yet, the strange thing is his left arm is replaced with an almost futuristic canon that shoots out laser beams from his arm.

 The mask he wears is sewn in such a fashion it almost looks like he wears a permanent smile, though he is no nice guy. He wonders into town robs the nearest bank, burns down the nearest library he can find (he can’t read, guess makes him a little bitter) and then disappears as quickly as he appeared.
Lonesome-Jones, a nickname given to him over the course of time by people who have seen him. Mainly due to the fact he always travels alone it seems and some people have said “if you must sew a smile into a mask to wear, you must be a lonesome fella.”

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Current art student at Arts Institute of Pittsburgh I am very much the amateur artist who is constantly learning and growing. I took this challenge to prove to my self that I have the creativity to come up with different unique ideas every day for a month. I have always loved doing art, from small doodles to the full one drawings i do now. Not sure what else to say can't wait to get started and have some epic entries to provide. Full honest feedback is welcome, critiques, and pointers are also welcome. Thank you.

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