Day 2: Bog

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Day 2: Bog

the water leaper

Bog (or Bogthe before he decided that the “the” was too bothersome) is a water leaper. Bog is a very traveled and cultured being,  there being very few waters (magical, salt, fresh or otherwise) that he has not swam in.

When preparing for travel, he swells himself with water and expands. The expansion cause his bat-like appendages to widen out and allow him to leap incredible distances. Once he is airborne, he releases the water the from two gaps in his bottom which is usually covered by wing-like fins. Now light, he glides the last few miles before starting again.

I have heard that “Bog”, besides referencing to a swamp-like area, also means “lukewarm” in Irish Gaelic. This is very appropriate name for this flying amphibian because many feel lukewarm about Bog. Its not that he is not social or entertaining because he can ramble on for hours if inspired to. He is just the type of being that always has a second plot behind spending his time with you.

You see, being a water leaper, Bog is obsessed with eating and is ALWAYS hungry for some reason or another. Bog loves seafood (his favorite being crab and other crustaceans) and would do anything to get more. This has caused him to get into much trouble with local fisherman and others, one event even involving a poor foolish man who happened to fall into the wrong ocean wearing a lobster suit.

As of recently, Bog has become a good friend to a local seller.  In his pimple-like bumps, he carries salt samples of the  water- bodies that he has been (as a means of adaptation). He has began to trade his salts with the seller for crabs and other meals. He also gives the seller information about other “exotic” means of finding product and life advice…in exchange for more food of course.

His current goal is to learn hebrew so he may convince Mikhail to cough over some of his delectable crayfish friends.

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