Day 2 – Mano Dura

| November 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

Mano Dura is the closest thing to a zombie cowboy you’ve heard of!
He just doesn’t die! Mano Dura got his nickname for never getting a shot wrong, with such a steady hand.
Born from criminal parents, he became one himself, and fighting officers gave him his so feared aim.
One day however, upon falling on a trap, he’s surorunded by the local police, except instead of executing him on sight, his punishment was to get rid of a mohawk tribe that was giving the village headaches. Mano Dura overdid it – singlehandedly killed every single person from the tribe, women and children alike, but that wouldn’t go unpaid for – once again instead of being wished dead, on their least breath the tribe’s leader cursed him to live eternally with his sins – his soul to carry his bones eternally.

Some say he can be spotted even nowadays, riding his long time friend’s carcass, the Red Hot Star.

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  1. Great style to this one. Has a festive ‘Day of the dead’ feel to it- which is of course rather appropriate!

  2. Jared Lewis says:

    Your Zombie Cowboy in a showdown against my Aztec Mummy Vaquero


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