Day 2: Maxximilian Timebuster

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Enter the arch-nemesis of Indiana: Maxximilian or Max, Timebuster. He is the most vicious, dangerous and insane villain in Lego City! He has even murdered the prime minister of the city in the tube by throwing him “accidently” to the lines a μsec before the train arrives!

His weapons: insanity, 4.5-digits IQ and it is rumored that his surname is a nick, given by an ancient timemachine he has discovered along with his two brothers. Ah, right, I missed this out: There are 3 Timebusters and no, none of them is a clone or a future self. We are talking about 3 evil triplet brothers. Max, Joe & Tony. But Tony is dead and his place has taken a cousin from outer space, Tim Timebuster. Talkin’ about a close family…

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