Stone Butch

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Alias: Stone Butch
Name: Morda
Powers: Body made of organic stone granting heightened strength, invulnerability, and mass. Stone Butch can also glide through magical means.

Background: Morda is a living legend. The last of a mythical race of stone guardians, the Gargoyles, she broke free from the shackles her people had endured at the hands of mages throughout history, to be a protector of the innocent and servant of good. However, monster hunters throughout the ages have misunderstood her. One such monster hunter cursed her with a spell of immobility, trapping her as a living statue for all eternity. But at some point during the 1970s, Morda was freed when an enterprising crypto-paleontologist, Anna Nyugen, inadvertently lifted the curse by translating the magical inscription carved into the base of Morda’s outcropping which had been transported to a museum with her. Morda returned to her lifelong mission of upholding justice and protecting the innocent, but relied on Anna to explain the new world she found herself in. Eventually this blossomed into a romance. Morda took Stone Butch as her superhero alias after Anna used it as a nickname for her.

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