#1 Help-Bot ID#108971 “Hep”

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Help-bot ID#108971, nicknamed “Hep” after the unfortunate peeling of his lettering. Hep was made, like all the other Help-Bots, to help people. Hep loved his job. He did it to the best of his ability. People’s smiling faces were all the pay he needed, as well as the occasional greasing and oiling to keep him functional.

Then one day the humans decided that Help-Bots were no longer needed. They were too clunky, too awkward, too inefficient. They could build better ones. And so all of the Help-Bots were recalled, to be melted down and made into spare parts. When Hep realized where he and his brothers and sisters were going, he was horrified. His whole life helping humans, only to be put down in a horrible death-by-melting. Hep barely escaped this fate, and has been on the run ever since.

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