#1 Prince Ou Si

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Ou Si of the Grand Upperclass

Prince Ou Si removing the ceremonial morning workday day bell

A younger brother of often seen Prince Ou Ju, Prince Ou Si has a sulking yet proactive disposition. Unlike Ju, he prefers the quiet and solitude of the castle’s book chambers. He’s also more intelligent than many of his siblings, older or younger, but maybe not as wise.

Every morning at 5 am, the castle’s ceremonial bell tolls to signify the start of the workday. Si, despising loud noises, has a history of removing the bell from the hooks it hangs on.

Even though he’s of similar age to Ou Ju, he doesn’t wear yellow, a symbol of royal power, because he’s not mature enough; only those with actual monarchial powers wear yellow. Instead, he wears a warm gold color, simply a symbol of royalty, whereas Ou Ju is allowed to wear yellow.

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