#3 American Splendor

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This is American Splendor, he isn’t a hero, he isn’t a villain, he isn’t part of your system. American Splendor was a lab experiment during the 1950’s the high day of American ideals, the citizens believed in the country and so did he. The government could do no wrong in the eyes of the people and this is how much of the country viewed society at the time. He was given a secret growth hormone that made him the size of an average adult male, the thing was the genetically enhanced hormone the scientist created also had a side effect … human intelligence  American Splendor, considered a failure in the eyes of his scientist creators was put into cryogenic sleep until a time that science was to a point that they could reverse the effects.

Like many businesses in the country the lab fell on hard times during the financial crisis and was shut down, funding removed and power cut off. Forgotten and alone, American Splendor awoke from his sleep to find a country he did not recognize. The ideals of the 1950s were gone, everyone was cynical, corrupt, and only worried about the newest Jersey Shore episode to be concerned or aware of the downward spiral the country and the world has taken.


He doesn’t know how or if he will even succeed but his determination to get the people to wake up from their entertainment induced coma has lead him to a life of rebellion. He fights for the basic human rights, the constitutional rights, and moral rights of the people. In the shadows he works alone, on the edge of the law, protecting the people anyway he can.


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Current art student at Arts Institute of Pittsburgh I am very much the amateur artist who is constantly learning and growing. I took this challenge to prove to my self that I have the creativity to come up with different unique ideas every day for a month. I have always loved doing art, from small doodles to the full one drawings i do now. Not sure what else to say can't wait to get started and have some epic entries to provide. Full honest feedback is welcome, critiques, and pointers are also welcome. Thank you.

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