#3 Homi Kapoor

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Names: Homi Kapoor

Place of origin: India

Occupation: Astronaut

Legal status: Citizen of India in good standing

Identity: Publicly known

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Cousin Superfusion Heart.

Group affiliation: Far Sky Adventurers Collective

Base of operations: India. Space.

History: A promising young physicist from India, Homi was recruited early by a private space program, the Far Sky Adventurers Collective. Originally established by the aviators of the British Empire based in the Indian subcontinent, the Collective grew into an elite group of technologists and explorers that eventually participated in the space race of the 1960’s and 70’s. Shattered Earth had a more robust space program that ours, although it remains mostly in low earth orbit. There were several moon bases, but that shattering of the Earth in the 1990’s damaged further growth of Earth’s space programs, since the areas above low earth orbit were not available until the shattering was healed in 2000. The only direct presence on Mars of humans is the supervillain club, Red Cave, which is reached via teleportation rather than spaceship. Deep space expeditions by humans tend to use alien technology rather than Terran technology.

Despite his job as an astronaut, Homi does not consider himself exceptional. This is despite the fact that that it has repeatedly put him into contact with the superpowered community.

His cousin is Superfusion Heart. They were good friends when they were children, but Heart has avoided his family since he turned to crime. They have only seen each other a few times as adults.

One of his missions with the FSAC was compromised by the Sinner. Intervention by Trinity Red kept anyone from dying, but in Homi’s opinion, the mission was a complete fiasco.

An attempt to steal a sensitive experiment by the burglar Cashgrab went better, and Homi was ultimately responsible for capturing her and sending her off the prison.

In a less dramatic fashion, Homi also knows the magic store owner, Maggie Ravenlock. They belong to the same guild in a popular MMORPG.

During the Cosmic Supernova Conflagration, Homi was aboard the space station that that the Supernova Stag took out as it flew to Earth. Homi and the rest of the crew were rescued by Summerman.

Story role: As currently constructed, Homi is an occasional special appearance good guy. He lacks the personality flaws that make for a compelling lead character in an ongoing story. He could be a secondary character in an ensemble, but the rest of the ensemble does not exist in this thirty day exercise.

Height: Tall

Body type: Athletic, no specialization

Known superpowers: None

Limitations: Regular human

Category: 2012, Superhero

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