#3 – Maddy

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Being the ukay* queen of the neigbourhood, Madelynne Mae has a particular knack for making the most out of 100 pesos-per-pound specials at the local thrift stores. A true DIY-er at heart, Maddy is often seen hanging out in Quiapo and Divisoria looking for materials to develop her handcrafted jewelry and cellphone charms. Sometimes Maddy’s outlandish fashion sense can get too much for the conservative sensibilities of the nuns (and her peers) at Holy Mary Academy. But hey, the opportunity to wear civvies to school only comes thrice a year, there’s no way she’s going to miss out.

(*-ukay, short for ukay-ukay, which literally translates to ‘dig-dig’, is the Filipino term for thrift stores. Connotes the jumble of clothing and items one has to literally dig through to find treasure)

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