#3 The Anomaly

| November 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Living energy, enslaved by man…

When scientists funded by an anonymous politician (yes the same one who controls Black Bow and Riza) discovered a unique radiation wave approaching our solar system they did not expect their scans to draw the energy towards earth.  Nonetheless they were able to collect and harness they energy in a an abandoned nuclear research center.  Surprisingly the energy proved to be sentient.  They were able to rig up a containment suit to allow the cosmic entity to interact with humans easier.  Unfortunately the process of capture and containment had altered the being’s energy field, if he attempted to return to the stars he would quickly dissipate.  He is now trapped in Earth’s magnetic field, depended on it and his suit for cohesion, and on energy siphoned from the electrical grid for sustenance.  This, unfortunately, makes him easy to control.

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