#3 Trick n’ Treat

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October 20th – Good day! Finally Treat and I got picked from the patch.

October 21st – Feelin’ great today. We had a bath to clean off all the dirt from the patch. Big day tomorrow!

October 22nd – First adventure! Get to leave the farm for the FIRST TIME EVER. Headed to market and I’m SOOOOOO excited!

October 24th – LOVING the market! There are so many other pumpkins here. Can’t wait to be picked. We’re all so excited for our Hallowe’en transformations.

October 26th – Treat and I got picked today! By the same family!

October 27th – Today is the big day! We’re all cleaned out and ready for our new looks. Stay tuned!

October 28th – I LOVE MY NEW LOOK!!!! Treat looks a bit scared, but I’m all growly like. Only three more sleeps ’til the big night.

October 29th – Two. More. Sleeps.

October 30th – Woohoo! One more sleep! Tomorrow is HALLOWE’EN! I can’t wait for HALLOWE’EN!

October 31st – OMG! Today was AWESOME! My candle burned bright all night long! Everyone thought I looked amazing. So awesome.

November 1st – Last night was such a dream come true! We had so much FUN! It was FANTASTIC!

November 3rd – It’s, uh, been pretty quiet lately. Just realized there’s not much use for me after Hallowe’en. Sad face.


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