Day 3: Rico

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the Ramidreju

Rico is  an old bitter man that spends most of his time telling you about the good old days. He’ll spend hours telling you about the times of heros, riches, adventure and how pretty much everyone in your generation sucks.

This seems odd because Rico is a Ramidreju and carries many scars from hungry travelers hunting him down for his precious pelt and treasure. One such injury, a broken hook of some kind, is so deeply wedged into his mouth that no (including himself) has dared to try and pull it out.  These attacks have not only makes Rico the bitter old rag he is, but also gives him the paranoia of a Vietnam Vet housed in a firecracker factory.

Despite this, like many of his odd ball neighbors, he has   grow a shine to the local seller. In the old days, Rico use to collect gold. Since gold is no longer a popular form of currency (don’t get him started on that), Rico has agreed to trade the  fragrant and healing musk oil from his fur for any jewelry and non-copper coins the seller can find.

Rico is not fond of Bog (talks too much) or Mikhail (talks too little) and demands that they get off his porch.

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