Post#3 — Princess (Chrono Tigers series)

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Post#3 — Princess (Chrono Tigers series) Princess is a character in a steampunk sci fi series I created. The time of the series is the latter part of the 19th century, located in London, and at the time H.G.Wells wrote his novel ” the Time Machine”. Little did the general public know that there were time machines in operation, and part of Her Royal Majesty’s Secert Service. Teams of adventurers, some from the military, some from the royal houses in England, are sent back and forth through time to correct problems created by both humans and by nature.

Last year I presented a character called “Captain of the Time Agents”. Well, this year, the Time Agents are called the Chrono Tigers and we geta chance to see the rest of the Captain’s team. Princess is a young woman from the royal families. She isn’t always considered capable of performing her duties in time travel, but has shown her superiors that she is more than able to handle whatever missions she is given. Quick witted, personable, and resoureful, she works well with the rest of her team mates.

More characters in this series will pop up in upcoming posts.

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Hi Gang!! Here I am for my third go around with this art challenge. I have high hopes to finish with at least 30 new characters this year. Last year"s schedule was hectic for me, so I only did 16 drawings. And while that number doesn't count it here; it does mean I already have a dozen characters waiting in the wings, simply because I didn't have the time to draw them out. Onward and upward!!! There seems to be a few new things happening this year: there are a lot of people who started early, and a lot of them are damn good. This latter should encourage all of us to churn out better characters and art as the challenge wears on. Good luck to us all.

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