#03 & #04 – Morry and STX-04

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Counter-worker and sales associate for the underground hack shop “Stygia”. Basically, if you see a trainer using illegal modifications (ie, basically everyone), they probably got it here. While in school, Morry was heavily into slime hunting, but never really amounted to much. That isn’t a knock on his skill as a trainer; hunting is intensely competitive. But after he left school, Morry found that hunting was the only real interest he had, and he wasn’t qualified to make a living at it. He became a counter tender at Stygia mainly as a way to stay in the game while still making enough money to live. It’s given Morry a kind of hard-knock attitude towards life, but he’s a kind person at heart, and has found a genuine passion for helping kids make their partners the best they can be.

The monster a person builds says a lot about how they fight, and Morry’s partner, STX-04, is a master of misdirection. Looking at its huge, bulky body, you might be forgiven for not noticing that STX-04’s core and sense organs are actually in its hands. STX-04 started off as a standard assistance core that lended a hand at Stygia, but Morry’s constant tending and tweaking eventually frustrated Stygia’s owner to the point where he gave the robot to Morry just to get it out of the shop.

The keywords I used for designing these two were Modern Art, Bulky, Hovering, Ghostly, Multiple Heads, and, perhaps best of all, Unexpected Hands. I hope to see that last one again. 😀

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