#03 – Sir Egglant

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For the past couple of years, I’ve thought of the 30 Characters Challenge as a challenge to come up with 30 NEW characters and share them. But the more I’ve thought about it this year, I really want to get back to cartooning again, so I figured I’d introduce some of the long-time repertory characters that I’ll be using in my comic (should I get it going again). First up, is this guy.

Sir Eggplant

Sir Eggplant began life as a doodle in my 12th grade English notebook in 1988. A few years later, I was going through old notebooks and sketchbooks when I ran across him again. He sort of spoke to me, and shortly thereafter, I would discover a cartoon storyboard contest. So I created a story around Sir Eggplant, and drew up a storyboard for the contest. Nothing ever came of it, but from that moment on, Sir Eggplant became the signature character among the hodgepodge of characters floating around uselessly in my head.

The initial story was an attempt to explain how an eggplant became a sentient being, with elements of time travel and astral mysticism, but eventually, I decided to just leave his origin a mystery. But one other good thing came from the original storyboard, and that was Sir Eggplant’s companion/sidekick, who will be introduced as the #4 character in this year’s challenge.



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I'm a guy who was a cartoonist in high school and college, dropped out of college, entered the workforce and forgot he was a cartoonist -- for 20 years. I'm now trying to reconnect with my creative side and see if I can make something happen. I also help organize a local comic & cartoon creators' group, and I organized an October 2012 community drawing event called DRAWtoberfest.

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