3 – In’Irdac the Weak

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Never before has a Draegoloth abomination been ‘cured’ of it’s nature. A terrifying half- fiend brought about by the darkest and most favoured of Lloth’s matron mothers, in congress with an embodiment of deception and terror, a demon Glabrezu summoned in a blood sacrifice. When born, the abominations serve their mothers, or their own whims, and are seen as gifts- cold, calculating and murderous gifts- to the Houses of the mothers.

Rysaloth In’Irdac was a Draegoloth given to becoming a posessor of mortals- a being that could move from body to body, hiding it’s hideous form in the aether of the ghostly wrealm as he pulled the strings of the unwary. But in the act of becoming such a fiend, something went horribly wrong. The demonic half of Rysaloth went on to become a full demon, unfettered by Drow pettiness and small- mindedness… or a soul.

In’Irdac was left on the mortal plane, a Drow- weakened, terrified, with none of his previous might. His desperation to rejoin with his other half is consuming him…

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