#4 Cashgrab

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Names: Cashgrab, Sally Newcomb

Place of origin: New York City, New York, USA

Occupation: Burgler

Legal status: Citizen of the US. Wanted for crimes in US and elsewhere.

Identity: Publically known

Marital status: Single

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: New York City

History: An adrenalin junky, Cashgrab likes money but likes the risk of stealing it more. She has a healthy contempt for her white collar counterparts and enjoys picking on them in particular, although she usually steers clear of the members of organized crime. Aside from stealing from white collar thieves, she usually focuses her attention on large institutions that can absorb the losses she causes without going under. If nothing else, they tend to have great security which increases the challenge.

Cashgrab’s best friend is the villainess Glitterbang. They met when one of Glitterbang’s lovers hired Cashgrab for a heist. Their friendship has lasted much longer than Glitterbang’s relationship did.

While she has crossed paths with many superheroes, she has butted heads most often with Deluge on their mutual home turf of New York. Normally, even a high tech burglar would have a tough time dealing with Deluge, but one of Cashgrab’s gadgets that lets her phase through walls also disrupts Deluge’s power.

Next to Deluge, she has probably tangled most with Mallrat. Mallrat really enjoys the patrolling part of superheroing and has repeatedly sniffed out Cashgrab while she was in the middle of an op.

Among her many thefts, Cashgrab stole the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies from the sorcerer Notetaker. She stole it because she was told she could use it to find out how to pull off a much bigger heist. Cashgrab vastly prefers technology over magic and was disappointed by what she found within the book. She sold the volume to Patience the Ogre, who wanted it to advance a plot of his own.

Story role: Cashgrab is a classic supervillain antagonist, with a primary motivation that naturally puts her at odds with a hero. A power mismatch lets her be the archenemy of Deluge, whose power levels otherwise strongly exceeds hers. Her willingness to pick on other criminals and disinclination to physically harm victims can occasionally put her in the position of being an unreliable ally to the heroes during some circumstances. However, she is not a romantic interest for any heroes because she finds the idea of dating someone willing to hit her distasteful.

Height: Short

Body type: Gymnast

Known superpowers: Cashgrab has minor telekinesis and precognition, which she usually conceals. Mostly she relies on technology for her heists. She does some repair and design work for her gear but prefers to spend her stolen money by buying better gear from other supercriminals.

Limitations: Without her equipment, Cashgrab is only human.


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