#4 Omon

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Real name: None


Weight:3000 Tons


OMON stands for Original Motivated Operations Network. It is a robot with artificial intelligence and an unstoppable force against crime. OMON is the creation of one Dr. Frederick “Fred” Newton, A noted voice in the field of robotics and wanted to see if it is possible to emerge man and machine into one. Due to some unusual circumstances, he suddenly got killed. A group of his fellow scientists has somehow brought his subconsciousness into the hallowed robotic body by using the latest in modern technology and kept him alive inside his new robotic body. Because of  fear and the public’s misunderstanding of what happened, Fred must work in alliance with the scientists and stop all evil wherever it happens.

Powers: Super-strength, speed, able to pick up anything without trouble, etc.

Personality: Optimistic but not naive to his situation.



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