#4 Seraph

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Angel of death / Worshiper of life

Seraph has the ability to force calcium deposits out of his skin forming into whatever he desires, and what he usually desires is weaponry.  His blood is a paralyzing toxin that he coats his bones with in order to get a leg up on his enemies.  He does not know why he can grow boney wings out of his back but has become adept at using them.  He is part of a super group that can not agree on their team name (he doesn’t care to call them anything in particular other than friends).  He is a strong soldier in that group and would gladly die for any of it’s members.

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Category: 2012, Fantasy, Horror, Superhero

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Michael isn't much of an artist but he can't stop himself from creating new characters and stories for them, even if they're just for himself.

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