#4 Shy Freddie

| November 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

This is Shy Freddie, he doesn’t have any super powers, he doesn’t really talk very much but he is a very nice guy … wait where did he go? Oh, there he is behind that tree. Wave to the nice people Freddie! See he is waving at you from behind the tree, told you he was a nice guy. That Freddie, always so timid and shy, guess that’s where he got the nickname from. Well you know what come to think of it that is a mighty small tree for a person of his size to be hiding behind, how is he doing that? Maybe he does have some kind of powers after all!?

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Current art student at Arts Institute of Pittsburgh I am very much the amateur artist who is constantly learning and growing. I took this challenge to prove to my self that I have the creativity to come up with different unique ideas every day for a month. I have always loved doing art, from small doodles to the full one drawings i do now. Not sure what else to say can't wait to get started and have some epic entries to provide. Full honest feedback is welcome, critiques, and pointers are also welcome. Thank you.

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