Day 4: Evan

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Day 4: Evan

The local seller

Evan is a young man that is always in a foul, depressed mood and rightfully so.

First, He is the only local seller in the middle of a thick forest meaning he has to travel miles to set his products in other stores or tolerate visits from rich ass-wholes to make any profit.

Second, his store is a perfumery that sells everything from incense and oils to potpourri and flavored tobacco. Every inch of its cherry-wood surfaces is steaming with powerful smells. Evan, since very small, has suffered from asthma that happens to be triggered by aromatics and  spends most of his day struggling to absorb enough oxygen to survive.

Third, the only thing that makes his products worth the travel both ways is that they are made of the best ingredients (aka magic ones). This means that Evan spends an absurd amount of social time with non-human companions, some with god awful personalities.

Fourth, Evan has to constantly has to work his body to the limit in order to interact with half of his supernatural business partners.

Fifth, His full name is Evan Future. Have fun with that.

Evan’s current exist is a miserable one, but oddly one of his choosing. There is a tragedy¬† in the forest, one that Evans hopes to solve for a long lost friend. He hopes that his supernatural connections will lead him to the answer he seeks.

Till then, life is just a ton of suck.

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