Ms. Mahvelous

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Alias: Ms. Mahvelous
Name: Tyrone Ferguson
Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Invulnerable, Magical Transformation

Tyrone Ferguson grew up in the Bronx and was regularly bullied in school for being effeminate, but he quickly found a circle of queer friends. They would hang out in the West Village on the Christopher street pier and have a lot of fun. However one day on his walk home from an evening out Tyrone was followed by a group of bullies from school who attempted to beat him up. However, just as he was about to get beaten, Tyrone remembered something his grandmother told him… that should he ever be in danger to say the word “Shazam!”. And so Tyrone uttered the magic words and with a flash of lightning was transformed into the fabulous and fierce drag queen super hero Ms. Mahvelous.

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