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2012 November 05 : The 30 Characters Challenge

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5 – The Alchemist of Medecca

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The Alchemist has gone by many names over his illustrious tenure as the greatest of medicinal healers, herbalists, and brewers of potent elixers- the general assumption being that he long ago discovered the secret to making Ambrosia, the Elixer of Immortality. The truth, however, is far less romantic… and darker.

For the Alchemist, now wandering the Steppes of the Cruth and far, far from home, is an entity possessed by greed and jealousy, jealousy of his siblings and their triumphs real and imagined over the countless years they have all been apart.  It tires of the constant droning of the masses of the markets of Medecca, the whining and neediness of humanity, and wishes to leave it all behind. It has made it’s fortune through hard work – an unheard of feat among it’s kind – but always the vile anger seethes just below the surface of it’s leathery smile and polite, if somewhat detached, demeanor.

An image of the Alchemist revealed will come tomorrow.

Day 5: Weinen

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The draugr

Weinen, once a beautiful young woman envied by many in the past, is now the lone draugr that wonders the edge of the forest.

When Evan was a small child, he met Weinen in his father’s prized flower garden surrounding their private cottage. Weinen spent a lot of time in the area trying to desperately cover her rotting smell with the aromatic bulbs, roots and flowers that grew there.

Evan, who was often quite sick due to the local vegetation and stuck with rather ditzy socialite parents, was captivated by Weinan’s mystery and ghoulish glow. They quickly became friends, Weinan introducing Evan to the woods while Evan brought her new flowers and some of his mother’s perfumes (suffering with a stuffed nose afterwards).

Of course, not all good things last forever. As Evan grew older, Weinen’s temperament began to change. She became easy to anger and increasing in paranoia, suspecting that Evan was after her grave for some reason or another. She became a rambling dangerous mess and, in Evan’s late teens, reacted to the sight of Evan with violence. After a particularly bad bout wherein Evan almost died trying to confront her and her inhuman strength , Weinen slipped into woods and Evan has not spoken to her since.

Evan, who still cares for his old friend, hopes to find the “tragedy” of the forest. He hopes this will give him the ability to lay her and some other victims to rest. Till then, he dreams of her and leaves his most successful perfumes  at woods’ edge  in hope that it will give her some comfort.

If you listen carefully, you can hear her lightly sobbing…day and night….hour by hour…season to season…


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Raccoona is the ultimate raccoon guardian. No longer will the Raccoons have to scavenge through garbage bins and risk getting beaten by brooms-Raccoona is there to provide all their favorite delicacies and ensure none will get left behind.

#1 Happy Guy

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This is Guy. He is a happy little dude.

#5 Bucket-Boy

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Bucket-Boy! Has all the power of a … well … um … a bucket? Yeah this kid has issues, he seems to think that all it takes to fight crime is a nice wooden bucket for a helmet and a flowing red cape on his back attached to his coat. Some kids don’t get hugged enough when they are younger ….. well some kids … they may have been hugged too much. Let’s just hope this kiddo doesn’t go try stopping a bullet anytime soon, last time I check wood doesn’t stop bullets very well. Good luck Bucket-Boy, you’ll need it.

Day 5: X-O Skeleton

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The starship was going down. The invading Swarm had taken hangers 1-5 and 7 and all crew quarters. Most of the civilian crew managed to escape in pods, but Executive Officer Maria Marabunta decided to save the ship or die trying. Barely surviving her escape from the CIC, she fought her way to the infantry weapons hold, where she accessed the elite Battle Uniform type Gamma (B.U.G.). Now, single handedly, she may turn the tide against the marauding enemy.

#5 Silouhette

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Silhouette can manipulate darkness and shadows. Creating darkness, smothering out light, and even teleporting between shadows.

Day 5 Ap

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Day 4 Olga

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Day 3 Spivey

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Day 2 The Face

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I had to put Manga Studio on hold for now. I was getting too behind, so it’s back to pencil, ink and brush for me.  These are new characters for a comic book I’ve been working on for awhile now.


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#5 Irwin

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The majestic flyer, always soaring to new heights.

#4 Mac (Steel Jaw) Rondal

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After many failed fights in the ring, Mac is admitted into the hospital from his most recent disastrous fight that shattered his jaw completely. The doctors said that he would never be able to eat, speak or smile; but a mysterious scientist from a distant land offered to reconstruct his Jaw for a percentage of his winnings in the ring. Now Mac is more determined to win to make a name for him self, but he will soon find out that he got more that he bargained for.

Mac is  courageous and lately intimidating because of his new found stamina and strength.
Mac used to be more caring, but now with the muscles going to his head, Mac thinks he can beat anybody,
even his weaker alter ego that he though left at the ring that tragic day.

Mac Loves Bow Ties, Ladies, attention, good Pizza, and the occasional street brawl. used to make
wooden figurines but all his time has been focused into training.

Guardian of the Gods

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Temple of Olympian Zeus does not take much imagination to realize this is a gigantic temple, rightfully so for the god, Zeus. Though what rests beneath is a crypt, holding the greatest ancient god, sleeping eternally. Protecting it is the high monk, Rhamios. Mystery surrounds this figure, but it is said that his history is written in ancient greek code on his body. It is said his powers are linked with Zeus which is why we still get our thunderstorms There are stories of grave diggers crossing paths with Rhamios, but only stories/rumors, as no one has returned.

Day 5. Scorpio

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Agent Scorpio

Agent Scorpio


I had a lot of trouble coming up with something today :/
But i ended up with this

This is agent scorpio!
Let me know what you think :)

Day 2

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Day 5: Censored Lightning

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So, what happens when a sentient thundercloud becomes a teenager? He gets rebellious. He gets vulgar, he doesn’t live by the rules, and you ain’t his real dad. The gods weren’t to thrilled with this phase, so for the time being, they censored him. You won’t be able to see his vulgar drawings made of lightning, but you will hear his censored thunder crashes of BEEEEEEEEEP as he approaches.

He really tries though. YOU AIN’T THE BOSS OF HIM!

#4 Gob

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NAME: Kung Ka-POW!
LOCATION: In the shadows. Behind you.
POWERS: He’s the ass-kickingest chili pepper you’ve ever met!

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#5 Miss Malengine

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Miss Malengine. Sexy writer by day, Sexy vixen by night…


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Day Four: Skeedaddle

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Skeedaddle is Big Boy Pant’s other older sister. She can travel at high speeds, but also able to teleport short distances; which is not always dependable.

11/05/2012: BAD-533D, Servitor Convict

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NAME: BAD-533D  SPECIES: Servitor  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once an independent guide for prospectors surveying the Salt Cliffs of Naraka, BAD-533D fell in with a bad crowd during his off-hours in the Nexus City services district. After an incompetent breaking-and-entering spree, BAD-533D was apprehended by Circle Securities and, in accordance with Servitor law, was reprogrammed to inhibit his capacity for free will. Now, BAD-533D fulfills his guide duties at the behest of a wealthy outfitter and has yet to relapse into his larcenous ways.

Model designed in TinkerCAD. 3D printed on my Makerbot Replicator and hand painted with water-based acrylics.

#5 Zoo

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#5 Sandy Storm

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Not meaning to take the recent events lightly, but welcome your new weather girl! She’ll take you by storm! Was going to draw more destruction but ehm… yeeeeaah… >_>

“# [Meu caro Bones]” Day 05

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#4 Horrible Thing

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#05 Frugal Frog

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#5 Pepper

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She’s a candy girl named Pepper. Peppermints are her favorite, and she’s ready for the Winter Season!