4 – The Umbromancer

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The rain of Blue Fire has ended, at long last, and the sun has once again kissed the surface of Oberonn’s Lands.

But it was a cold and passionless kiss, devoid of life. The gods still walk the earth, more and more like tigers trapped in a cage with each other. And sorcery among mortals is impossible, lighting the invoker on fire or driving them mad… or both. To make things worse, if that were possible, is the fact that the sun no longer has any effect on the undead. There seems to be a powerful tie to the darkest of energies, and even though magic among mortals has vanished, foul rites to make the dead walk still flourish among the depraved… and no soul may pass on to the afterlife, as the gods who hold dominion over such things are all fallen.

The Umbromancer was born out of an echo of a memory from an ancient portal that was forever closed by the return of the sun. His power is the sum of that portal’s ancient energies. He now exists to find the reality of that memory, the thought that gave him life. A vista that consumes his mind… a place called the White Kingdom.


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