#5 Darius Braken.

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The Darkwood glen is said to be a god-forsaken place to dwell in. Haunted by long since dead spirits and things even worse still. However legend tells of a great and precious crystal that only forms in a cave at the very heart of the glen, a crystal that has many wonderful and magnificent properties.

It is this legend that sees hundreds of adventurers; thieves and mercenaries enter the glen everyday in such of the fabled crystals. Most never return, the few who do are never the same. They return with haunted eyes and tales of creatures born of men and beast that guard the glen from any who trespass.

Darius Braken is one of these ‘creatures’ in trust he is but a man, like all of the Glen Guards, they are the sworn protectors of the crystal cave and their small community that lives in and around it.

The Guard know the glen better than any man or creature to walk the earth and can come from any shadow or corner of the great wood. The glen guard all wear the fur and scales of the beasts that dwell with them in their woodland home. Most forge helms with antlers or horns to add to the fearsome look of their armour. Darius wears the fur of a giant wolf as a cloak, the scales of a tree drake as mailed armour and the antlers of a rock stag a top his helm. He is one of the oldest and most respected guards amongst his village and one of the most feared and talked of ‘creatures’ by the few men who have escaped him.

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