Day 4 – Robby

| November 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Say hello to Robby, a very new character who has already starred with his girlfriend in a recent comic I made!  Robby’s a chill guy who just spends his days hanging out with his girlfriend and/or playing games or getting mad at politics on the internet.  Robby is pretty weak and claims to hate confrontation but for some reason is obsessed with the idea of “being a man” or “having balls” and thus has a tendency to puff himself up and act tough (or just straight up lie about being tough).  This has gotten Robby into a few tight spots, especially since an assailant once described him “like a one-eyed cat, except instead of being adorable you want to PUNCH HIM”.  Robby’s girlfriend Casey (coming tomorrow!) spends her days worrying and trying to keep him from doing anything stupid.  He’s a smart kid, but… yeesh.

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