#04 – Druckon

| November 6, 2012 | 1 Comment

Sir Eggplant (see my #03 for 2012), in his original (now discarded) origin story, encountered Druckon and they became constant companions. Druckon is half-duck, half-dragon. (Don’t try to visualize how that happened…you’ll be traumatized for life).

Druckon speaks with a nondescript Eastern European accent, and serves as the mind and voice of reason for the bumbling but well-intentioned Sir Eggplant.

Creator’s Note: I first developed Druckon while working on a storyboard for Sir Eggplant’s origin story. Although I scrapped the rest of the story, Druckon kind of stuck, so he’s part of my rag-tag repertoire of characters floating around in my head waiting for a purpose.


Category: 2012, Fantasy, Humor, WTF

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I'm a guy who was a cartoonist in high school and college, dropped out of college, entered the workforce and forgot he was a cartoonist -- for 20 years. I'm now trying to reconnect with my creative side and see if I can make something happen. I also help organize a local comic & cartoon creators' group, and I organized an October 2012 community drawing event called DRAWtoberfest.

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